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    About Us

    CeLC (Chinese e-Learning Center), NOU

    Along with changes in the ways that humans record knowledge, learning methodology has already begun to move from traditional classroom
    pedagogy’s fixed time and location toward digital learning’s flexible and diversified concept of variable time and location.
    In following this trend, teaching Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan has also developed over the last half-century. To provide both teachers and learners with multiple, ample channels for studying Mandarin Chinese, while simultaneously cooperating with national policy to spread Chinese language education and cultivate top-rate teachers, National Open University has entrusted a special task force to establish the Chinese e-Learning Center, in the hopes that the university’s experiences and superiority in digital instruction and media production will transform methods of Mandarin Chinese education and teacher training.

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    Setting Goals

    CeLC (Chinese e-Learning Center), NOU

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    Our Services/ Tasks

    CeLC (Chinese e-Learning Center), NOU

    • To LEARN Chinese
      TOCFL Level A1~B2, Chinese Courses (Online).
      Other Specific Chinese Courses.
    • To TEACH Chinese (Train the Teacher)
      TCSL/ TCFL Training Series.
    • FUN with Chinese
      Educational Activities Contest,
      Workshops and Speeches,
      International Conferences.
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    Our Video Recommendation

    Weekly keyword(s) from Chinese News

    [Series on Youtube]

    What are some interesting/worth to learn keyword(s) in the news last week?

    “Learn Chinese with Cooking”

    Features of “Learn Chinese with Cooking”

    Teaching Various, Common Taiwanese Home Dishes


    1. Starting the lesson from buying ingredients
    2. Ingredients with both Traditional Bopomo and Hanyu Pinyin
    3. Cooking-related vocabularies rarely seen in Chinese textbooks
    4. Learn the cooking steps and Chinese vocabularies at once
    5. Review and explain the native habitual pronunciation

    Go! Go! Mandarin Grammar

    Ep41. 要看 (yào kàn)

    "Go! Go! Mandarin Grammar", produced by National Open University (Taiwan) Chinese e-Learning Center, provides you a brief ideal grammar explanation and example sentences to practice with an animation that helps you easier to understand!

    [Youtube] Meet National Open University

    Meet National Open University in 3 minutes

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    Our Courses on

    NOU Chinese Academy

    Study anytime, anywhere without restrictions!


    Course Category: Chinese Learning (for Non-native), Chinese Teaching Training.

  • Faculty

    Our Team

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    Prof. Hsu, Li-Yi

    Vice President, NOU

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    Mr. Ou Xiqiang Tulun

    Director, Chinese e-Learning Center, NOU

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    Ms. Janice Lai

    Officer, Chinese e-Learning Center, NOU

  • Partnerships

    Cooperation Courses, Teachers, Students, Teaching Materials, etc.

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    Thai-Taiwan Business Association

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    Thai-Taiwan Business Association

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    Tzu Chi University

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    National Taiwan Normal University

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    Shih Chien University

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    Chungyu University of Film and Arts

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    Hsing Wu University

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    Where Are We?

    National Open University, Room 5004.

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