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[Online Course] Easy to Learn Mandarin (with 300 sentences)


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Course Intro
  1. We target 10 themes related to daily life in Taiwan, so you can easily plug in useful phrases, and speak Mandarin naturally.
  2. Includes video instruction for all 10 units, along with 3 live video chat sessions, for maximum immersion.
  3. Every lesson comes with situational animations, rearranging the phrases to review the Mandarin you just learned.
  4. Includes textbook “Easy to Learn Mandarin”. Besides the 10 main units, it also includes charts of common nouns, verbs, and adjectives, your most professional, easy, and economic choice.
  5. 10 units include: “How Are You?”, “How much is it?”, self-introduction, “What time is it?”, “What day of the week is it?”, directions, restaurants, “I’m sick.”, letters and calls, well-wishes.

Easy to Learn Mandarin (Wu Nan Publishing company) English, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian versions.

Target Learner
  1. Any student with minimal Mandarin knowledge, or just starting from zero.
  2. Migrant workers, new immigrants, and their children, living in Taiwan who need to learn Taiwan Mandarin.
  3. Foreign/international students, who want to learn how to read Traditional Chinese, and want to practice Mandarin in various situations in Taiwan.


  1. Go to
  2. (If you are already registered, please go to the next step.) Register as a member. Fill in the required information, and verify your email.
  3. Log onto the International Academy platform. Then, under the “Other Mandarin Courses” menu, select “Easy to Learn Mandarin”, then click “Course Registration”.
  4. Click on the following link to pay the enrollment fee. You may use international credit cards, domestic ATMs, or via convenience store codes.
    Note: When filling out payment info, please enter the address you wish to receive your textbook, and include your International Academy account name.
  5. After completion of payment, you will receive notification of enrollment in about 2 days, and you may immediately access your online course materials for 120 days.
  1. Live video lessons for “Easy to Learn Mandarin” will begin in December. The video file will be uploaded to the online platform for those who cannot attend the live lessons, or for those who entered through late enrollment.
  2. After accessing the course, you may not request for a refund.
  3. For any queries, please email us at:
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